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BSL Schweiz

General Guisan-Strasse 35
4144 - Arlesheim, Schweiz
T. (+41) 61 508 52 55

MVD Uruguay

Arequita 2179 - 001
11800 - Montevideo, Uruguay
T. (+598) 9848 5428


We are a web development studio passionate about using technology to improve and simplify people's life.

We code based on a core value: "building things in a way that makes sense to users, the client and us"

We don't just code, we focus on building close relationships with our clients to get a better understanding of their needs in order to find effective ways to add value to their businesses. We empathize with them but challenge every assumption in order to build what is really valuable. We use lean methodologies, we care about choosing the more appropriate technology to get an optimal solution, flexible enough to adapt to changes during all phases of a project while staying on schedule.

We embrace open source as a way to empower our clients using mature products backed by large communities of developers keeping licensing costs to a minimum. This approach ensures our solutions to be as secure and future proof as possible.

We love and go deep on backend development using Wagtail CMS, Django and Docker as well as frontend technologies like React, Vue, Alpine, SASS, HMTL5 and so.