Kunsthaus Zürich Web Ticketing

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Crafft (Switzerland)

Key features:
html5, javascript, saleor, django, react, css3

The Kunsthaus Zürich enjoys an international reputation. Its supporting association, the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, ensures that art is collected and exhibited in Zurich. Today it is one of the largest art associations in Europe. Private individuals and the public sector are represented on its board.

In partnership with Crafft we developed from scratch the entire web ticketing sale system integrated on their website. The effort involved not just to build up a new backend an frontend also to interconnect with more that 5 different external platforms (ie. payment gateway, event management platforms and so, Apple, Google and so)

Up until now the Kunsthaus Zürich has sold more than 25K tickets online.

Kunsthaus-Ticketing_Desktop3 (2).png
Kunsthaus-Ticketing_Desktop3 (1).png